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Inspiring future generations of STEM-literate citizens

Web-based interactive lessons designed to put hands-on investigation at the heart of students’ learning.

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Phenomenon-Based, Hands-On Learning

Vernier Connections delivers phenomenon-based lessons that deepen students’ understanding of scientific concepts and develop the critical skills needed—such as inquiry, problem solving, communication, and collaboration—to become STEM-literate citizens.

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3D learning designed for the NGSS
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Relevant and inclusive

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Integration with Your LMS

Connections integrates with every major Learning Management System (LMS), saving teachers time with automated rostering and one-click grade passback, while streamlining student access with single sign-on.

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Connections engages students in the exploration of real-world phenomena by enabling them to observe and interact with bulk properties and their atomic-level causes. Through the combination of digital content, simulations, and hands-on investigation, students develop evidence-based explanations of phenomena and draw connections to their own lives.

Accessible. Relevant. Inclusive.

Each Connections lesson is built upon the principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), aimed at ensuring that all students can access and participate in a meaningful way. Lessons are designed by the Vernier team and then reviewed by the Lesson Advisory Board (LAB), a group of seasoned educators with expertise in creating culturally inclusive learning experiences. The Connections LAB works with our Vernier team to identify opportunities to improve relevancy and inclusivity within each lesson.

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The Vernier STEM Classroom

Connections supports the Vernier STEM Classroom—an integrated approach to ensuring a high-quality and accessible STEM education for all high school students. The Vernier STEM Classroom brings together our hardware, software, content, assessment, professional development, and technical support to help teachers deliver an engaging and impactful learning experience in their science classrooms.

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