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LabQuest® Curriculum

This product is discontinued and replaced by LabQuest 2.

Vernier Labs Included with LabQuest

Vernier LabQuest includes over 100 experiments instructions preloaded. Each experiment includes student instructions from our lab books with step-by-step instructions, background information, objectives, and material lists.

Create Your Own Labs or Customize Built-in Labs with My LabQuest Library

My LabQuest Library is a set of web-based tools to help you create, customize, organize, and download labs to your LabQuest interface and easily distribute to all the LabQuests in your classroom.

Lab Creator

Create your own labs online and upload them to your LabQuest.

LabQuest Library: Lab Creator Launch Lab Creator

Lab Organizer

Create a customized selection of Vernier labs for your LabQuest.

LabQuest Library: Lab Organizer Launch Lab Organizer

LabQuest Library Browser Requirements

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer 6+, Mozilla Firefox 2+, Google Chrome, Safari 3+. Javascript and cookies must be enabled.

For optimum performance and compatibility with My LabQuest Library, update your LabQuest to the latest version »

What’s Included

Free Software Updates

Get new features and enhancements with free software updates to the LabQuest built-in graphing and analysis software.

Download the latest LabQuest update

Ordering Information

The original LabQuest is discontinued and replaced by LabQuest 2.

Talking LabQuest

Blind and Low Vision (BLV) students can participate independently alongside their peers in hands-on science laboratory experiments with a LabQuest interface and Sci-Voice Access software.

Talking LabQuest for blind and low-vision students »

Educational use only: Vernier products are designed for educational use. They are not appropriate for industrial, medical, or commercial applications. Product usage disclaimer »

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