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KidWind Airfoil Balsa Blade Sheets

KidWind Airfoil Balsa Blade Sheets (10 Pack) product image

This balsa wood is pre-shaped in an airfoil shape.


This balsa is pre-shaped in an airfoil shape. Real wind turbine blades use this airfoil shape to generate lift and reduce drag, making for highly efficient rotors.

Experiment with advanced blade designs and explore Bernoulli’s Principle with these airfoil sheets. Well-designed airfoil blades will be noticeably more efficient than similarly shaped flat blades.

Sheets are 12 in long, 3 in wide, and 1/4 in thick at the thickest section of the airfoil profile.


  • Length: 12 in
  • Width: 3 in
  • Thickness: 1/4 in at the thickest section

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KidWind Airfoil Balsa Blade Sheets (10 Pack)KW-ABBS10KidWind SKU: H0371$19


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