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KidWind Blade Pitch Protractor

Product image for KidWind Blade Pitch ProtractorProduct image for KidWind Blade Pitch Protractor
Measuring blade pitch with Blade Pitch ProtractorMeasuring blade pitch with Blade Pitch Protractor

This tool is incredibly helpful for measuring the blade pitch angle on your KidWind turbine.


This tool, invented by KidWind WindSenator Niels Anderson, makes blade pitch experiments much easier! The Blade Pitch Protractor has a cut-out notch to fit around the blade dowel, and it has ridges on the back that align with the KidWind hub, making it perfect for reading, measuring, and comparing blade pitch angles.



  • Range of measurement: 0–70 degrees

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KidWind Blade Pitch ProtractorKW-BPPKidWind SKU: H0259$4


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