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Agricultural Science with Vernier with LabQuest Sensors

Outfitting a lab for agricultural science curriculum? This quick guide will help you customize the sensors you need for your student experiments.

Ordering Information

All prices shown are for U.S. educators.

One lab station supports 2 to 4 students

RecommendedOrder CodePriceQuantity
LabQuest MiniLQ-MINI$149
Stainless Steel Temperature ProbeTMP-BTA$29
Tris-Compatible Flat pH SensorFPH-BTA$99
Conductivity ProbeCON-BTA$99
CO2 Gas SensorCO2-BTA$269
Ethanol SensorETH-BTA$119
Vernier Optical DO ProbeODO-BTA$299
Differential Voltage ProbeDVP-BTA$39
Current ProbeDCP-BTA$39
Gas Pressure SensorGPS-BTA$89
O2 Gas SensorO2-BTA$199
BioChamber 250BC-250$8
BioChamber 2000BC-2000$22
Light SensorLS-BTA$59
Soil Moisture SensorSMS-BTA$109
Logger Pro 3

Includes a site license for your school or science department and students' home computers

CHOOSE ONEAgricultural Science with Vernier

Includes a site license for your school or science department. Printed and electronic lab book.

Agricultural Science with Vernier (Electronic Version)

Includes a site license for your school or science department. Electronic lab book only.

Consider These Additional ProductsOrder CodePriceQuantity
Stir StationSTIR$129
Electrode SupportESUP$10
Water Quality Bottles (8 bottles)WQ-BOT$28


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