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Recommended Products for Investigating Solar Energy

Outfitting a lab for solar energy curriculum? This quick guide will help you customize the sensors you need for your student experiments.

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All prices shown are for U.S. educators.

One lab station supports 2 to 4 students

RecommendedOrder CodePriceQuantity
Go Direct® Energy SensorGDX-NRG$89
Go Direct® Surface Temperature SensorGDX-ST$69
Solar Energy Exploration KitKW-SEEK$79
Vernier Resistor BoardVES-RB$18
Graphical Analysis 4 AppFree data collection and analysis software for Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS, and Android devicesGet App
CHOOSE ONEInvestigating Solar Energy

Includes a site license for your school or science department. Printed and electronic lab book.

Investigating Solar Energy (Electronic Version)

Includes a site license for your school or science department. Electronic lab book only.

Consider These Additional ProductsOrder CodePriceQuantity
Go Direct® Charge StationGDX-CRG$69


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