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Go Wireless® Electrode Amplifier

Product image for Go Wireless® Electrode AmplifierProduct image for Go Wireless® Electrode Amplifier
Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier and Go Wireless pH electrode (sold separately)Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier and Go Wireless pH electrode (sold separately)

Graph and analyze mV or pH data on your iPad, Android tablet, or LabQuest 2. The Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier connects to any Vernier or third-party BNC electrode.


The Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier is a wireless mV and pH amplifier that connects to Vernier electrodes and compatible third-party BNC electrodes.

With its wireless capabilities, students have new options for collaborative learning. Not only can they wirelessly graph and analyze data from their lab station on iPad, they can easily connect to another lab station and compare results. Or you could have a demonstration set up in front of the classroom for every student to connect to wirelessly and analyze the data individually.

Using the Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier with iPad is quick and easy. Start the Graphical Analysis GW app, choose wireless sensors as your source, tap on the Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier, and the iPad or Android tablet are ready to collect, graph, and analyze pH or mV data. Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier can use LabQuest 2 (may require additional hardware) for data collection and analysis on the LabQuest 2, or connect LabQuest 2 to a computer to use Logger Pro 3 for advanced analysis options.

The BNC connector provides you the flexibility to choose between Vernier’s pH Electrode, Flat pH Electrode, ORP electrode, and most third-party electrodes to best fit your curriculum. You can expand your experiment options with additional electrodes in the future as your budget and needs grow. When electrodes expire or if they are damaged in class, you only need to replace the electrode, lowering your costs.

Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier’s BNC connector is compatible with most third-party BNC electrodes to simplify your experiment setup. You can use consistent calibration technique and handling instructions with third-party electrodes with one amplifier and one software solution.

Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier quickly charges in two hours. If the battery is running low, connect the sensor to the charging cable and continue using the sensor while it’s charging.


  • Units: pH or mV
  • Input range (mV): ± 1000 mV
  • Input range (pH): 0-14 pH
  • Accuracy (mV): ± 10 mV (factory calibration)
  • Accuracy (pH): ± 0.5 pH (factory calibration); ± 0.1 pH (user calibration)
Download the user manual for full specifications

Compatibility Requirements

The Go Wireless® Electrode Amplifier may require a compatible interface and software. Choose a platform below to see compatible interface and software options.

What’s Included

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