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Ohaus Scout® Pro (120 g)

Scout Pro 0.001 g Balance (120 g) product image

Use as a standalone balance, or collect mass data from an Ohaus Scout® Pro balance using our popular Logger Pro 3 software on a computer or using a LabQuest. Scout Pro USB Connection Kit is required for data collection and is sold separately.


Designed for education, the Ohaus Scout® Pro features easy-to-use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display, multiple weighing units, four application modes, and the option of USB connectivity.

Maximum Protection

Scout Pro is designed with mechanical and software protection against shock and overloading which can cause damage to the weighing cell. An integrated shipping lock protects the weighing cell during transportation or storage.

USB Connectivity

The Scout Pro USB Connection Kit is easy to install at any time, even after purchase. The data cable is integrated in the kit, eliminating the need for additional cables.

Multiple Application Modes

Scout Pro features Enhanced Parts Counting, Percent Weighing, Totalization and Display Hold.


  • 120 g capacity
  • 0.001 g precision
Download the user manual for full specifications

Compatibility Requirements

The Scout Pro 0.001 g Balance (120 g) may require a compatible interface and software. Choose a platform below to see compatible interface and software options.

What’s Included

  • Ohaus Scout® Pro 0.001 g Balance (120 g)
  • Power supply
  • User manual

Ordering Information

This product is discontinued and no longer available.


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