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Go Wireless® pH

Product image for Go Wireless® pHProduct image for Go Wireless® pH
Product image for Go Wireless® pHProduct image for Go Wireless® pH
Teacher Pack includes eight sensors and a Go Wireless Charging StationTeacher Pack includes eight sensors and a Go Wireless Charging Station

The Vernier Go Wireless pH is a general-purpose, wireless pH sensor you can use to remotely monitor pH with a mobile device.


Monitor pH. Near and Far.

The Go Wireless pH is a ‘must have’ for lab and field activities alike. This wireless solution gives you a general-purpose pH sensor that easily streams data to a mobile device. By eliminating the cord, the opportunity for innovative experimentation abound. Students can monitor pH from a safe distance and are freed from the set up challenges presented by a conventional system.

Real-time Measurements

The Go Wireless pH wirelessly transmits live readings and captures data in real-time. Students can use Go Wireless pH to quantitatively

  • conduct acid-base titrations
  • test the pH and alkalinity of bodies of water
  • investigate household acids and bases

Plays Well with Others—Electrodes That Is

The Go Wireless pH sensor is comprised of a pH electrode attached to a Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier using a BNC connector. The benefit? This design enables you to use the Go Wireless Electrode Amplifier with other electrodes, such as our Go Direct ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) BNC Electrode, our Go Direct Flat pH Electrode BNC, and other third-party BNC electrodes.

Rechargeable Battery Gives You “Always-Ready” Convenience

Go Wireless pH charges in just two hours and will collect data continuously for three days. You can easily monitor the battery status using our free Graphical Analysis GW app. Should the battery run low, simply connect the sensor to the charging cable and keep on collecting—no interruptions or inconvenience for students or teachers.

Collect and Analyze Data from Multiple Devices. That’s Freedom and Flexibility.

Like all the sensors in our Go Wireless lineup, using the Go Wireless pH with iPad is quick and easy. Simply download our free Graphical Analysis GW app.

Go Wireless pH can also be used directly with the LabQuest 2 for data collection and analysis on the LabQuest 2 itself. For advanced analysis options, connect your LabQuest 2 to a computer and export data into Logger Pro 3.

For a complete list of supported platforms, see the sensor requirements.

Sample Data



  • pH range: 0–14
  • Accuracy
    • ±0.5 pH units (factory calibration)
    • ±0.1 pH units (user calibration)
  • Response time: 2 s (to 90% of full reading in buffer)
  • Shaft diameter: 12 mm OD
  • Maximum wireless range: 30 m unobstructed
Download the user manual for full specifications

Experiments and Lab Ideas

Select a lab book to see a list of experiments and more information.

Free Experiment Downloads


“By going wireless the probe opens some interesting doors to creative and safe exploration and experimentation. One of the big advantages of a wireless probe is the same advantage we experienced with telephones and microscopes went cordless. No longer did we trip over cords, knock over containers when moving the cords, or dredging off the top of counter tops desks with the cord acting like a giant chain stripping the surface down to bare ground.”

Read the full review from NSTA Blog »

Compatibility Requirements

The Go Wireless® pH may require a compatible interface and software. Choose a platform below to see compatible interface and software options.

What’s Included

Go Wireless pH

  • Go Wireless pH (electrode amplifier BNC connected to pH electrode)
  • USB charging cable
  • Quick-start guide

Go Wireless pH Teacher Pack

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