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Temperature Sensors

Vernier temperature sensors are durable, accurate, and versatile for all types of science experiments in and outside the classroom.

Compare Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensor Compatibility Temperature Range Accuracy Price
Go Direct Temperature Probe iOS, Android, Chromebook, and computers –40°C to 125°C ±0.5°C $59
Stainless Steel Temperature Probe Vernier interfaces only –40°C to 135°C ±0.2°C at 0°C, ±0.5°C at 100°C $29
Go Wireless Temp iOS, Android, LabQuest 2, and computers –20°C to 115°C ±0.5°C $59
Go!Temp USB Temperature Sensor Computers, Chromebook, and LabQuest interfaces –20°C to 115°C ±0.5°C $39
FLIR ONE Thermal Cameras iPad, iPhone, iPod touch only Varies by model Varies by model Starting at $199
Wide-Range Temperature Probe Vernier interfaces only –20°C to 330°C ±0.5°C or better $82
Infrared Thermometer Vernier interfaces only –20°C to 400°C ±2% of reading or ±3°C, whichever is greater at 18 to 28°C ambient $179
Surface Temperature Sensor Vernier interfaces only –25°C to 125°C ±0.5°C or better $23
Extra Long Temperature Probe Vernier interfaces only –50°C to 150°C ±1.0°C at 25°C $99
Thermocouple Vernier interfaces only –200°C to 1400°C ±5°C at –200°C to 0°C, ±2.2°C at 0°C to 900°C, ±15°C at 900°C to 1400°C $69
Vernier EasyTemp Compatible Texas Instruments handhelds only –20°C to 115°C ±0.5°C $38
Kestrel DROP Wireless Data Loggers Compatible iOS and Android devices only –18°C to 60°C ±0.5°C Starting at $69

Comparison Video

David Carter explains the differences between Vernier temperature sensors.

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