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30-Volt Voltage Probe

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This sensor is used to measure voltages in the range of -30 to +30 volts.


This sensor is used to measure voltages in the range of -30 to +30 volts. Use this sensor in experiments that involve voltages larger than 10 volts, such as when working with large solar panels. Since this voltage probe covers such a wide voltage range, its resolution is lower than our Differential Voltage Probe, which we recommend for most experiments.

The removable leads on the 30-Volt Voltage Probe are heavy duty and have shrouded banana plugs to meet European safety standards.

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  • Input Impedance: 30 kΩ
  • Output voltage range: ±10 V
  • Voltage range: ±30 V
  • Typical Resolution: 15 mV
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30-Volt Voltage Probe30V-BTA$49


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