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Data Sharing Sources

Wirelessly Stream Sensor Data to iPad® and other Mobile Devices

Data Sharing sources stream sensor data to students for individual analysis. Sources stream sensor data simultaneously to multiple mobile devices, such as iPad and Android tablets.

Choose a Data Sharing Source

To wirelessly stream sensor data to Data Sharing apps, you will need either a LabQuest 2 interface or Logger Pro computer software with a Vernier interface.

If you’re getting started with data collection, we recommend LabQuest 2 for its versatility as a standalone device, tablet wireless interface, and computer interface.

LabQuest 2

Standalone, tablet, or computer data-collection interface

LabQuest 2 is a sensor interface that can be used as a standalone, with tablets, or with a computer. The wireless capabilities of LabQuest 2 allow lab groups to stream sensor data to Data Sharing apps.

Logger Pro 3

Data-collection software for Windows and Mac computers

Logger Pro is Vernier’s award-winning data-collection and analysis computer software for use with Vernier interfaces. With Data Sharing enabled, Logger Pro (version 3.8.6 or newer) streams sensor data to Data Sharing apps.

Data Sharing Apps

Graphical Analysis apps and the Vernier Data Share web app enable students to view, control, analyze, and annotate sensor data from a Data Sharing source.

Learn about Data Sharing apps

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