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Bring Science to Your Students at Home

To assist you as you move from the classroom or laboratory setting to online teaching, we are offering the Vernier Experiment and Sample Data Library—a free collection of over 300 experiments covering many subjects with sample data that you can distribute to your students at home.

Students will use the experiment data we’ve collected to perform their own analysis.

The Vernier Experiment and Sample Data Library is available through August 2022. We have a growing library of experiments with data and videos included with Graphical Analysis Pro (free trial available) to bring science to your students at home.

How do I use the Experiment and Sample Data Library?

Watch our overview tutorial to learn how to use our experiments and data with your students.

Quick-Start Instructions

Download. First, download the files based on the subject you teach.

Distribute. Once you’ve selected your experiment, send the experiment and the accompanying sample data to your students. It’s important that your students download the Vernier software or app associated with the experiment before they get started.

Discover. Your students will then use the sample data to demonstrate understanding of scientific concepts by using built-in tools to analyze results, answer questions, and confidently form conclusions as they follow experiment instructions.

For comprehensive step-by-step instructions, please download the instructions below.

Tips for Teaching with Vernier Sample Data Files

Edit Experiments to Your Needs
The student handouts, as written, are designed for an in‑person classroom or laboratory environment. We encourage you to read through the Word files prior to sending them to your students, as you may wish to edit to improve their online-learning experience.

Include All Sample Data Files for Experiments
Some experiments require multiple sample data files. The file-naming convention makes this clear (e.g., “PEP 23 Magnetic Field—Current Data” and “PEP 23 Magnetic Field—Distance Data”). If you choose to use one of these experiments, make sure to include all the files with the same experiment name.

Visualize the Experiments with Videos When Available
Over the years, we have created videos that might be useful to you or your students as they visualize an experiment. Some of these videos may show the experiment using older equipment or software but still may be useful, as they show the experimental setup. Direct links to these videos are available in the library index

Need Help?
Answers to the analysis questions are not being provided in an effort to keep them from circulating freely and being found by students. If you need assistance with an answer, email using your school email address so we can verify your identity.