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    News and Announcements; By Josh Ence, Engineering Education Technology Specialist In the summer of 1969, NASA launched the Apollo 11 space mission from Kennedy Space Center. Four days.....

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    For the past 30 years, Vernier Software & Technology participates in the Apprenticeships in Science & Engineering (ASE) program to give students the opportunity to...

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    Elementary School, Middle School, News and Announcements Celebrate Computer Science Education Week with Vernier. Critical 21st Century Skills Today’s students live in a world surrounded by technology.

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    [news_gallery] news._halloween._2017._harry-potter-herbology.jpg::Sara Tallarovic is our master of herbology news._halloween._2017._harry-potter-sorting-hat.jpg::Tom Smith programmed a Hand Dynamometer and an Arduino to simulate the sorting hat in Harry Potter...

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    It might be difficult for a student to see where absorbance spectroscopy and Beer’s law could be useful to a chemist. But, what if the technique is used to analyze poisoned wine from a crime scene? This definitely piqued the interest of my students.

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    News and Announcements Vernier helps you keep experiments simple. Using our multi-channel , students can simultaneously measure dissolved oxygen concentration (mg/L), percent saturation (%), and water temperature.

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  • LabQuest Mini

    LabQuest Mini is a powerful, affordable, and easy to use sensor interface for computer-based data collection.

  • Logger Pro® 3

    Student Friendly. 12 built-in, self-guided tutorials. Write labs in Logger Pro or export data to Word or Excel. Includes over 1,000 experiment files supported by our library of lab books.

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    Environment, News and Announcements The Paleontological Research Institution in Ithaca, NY, has produced its latest book in the Teacher-Friendly Guides™ series, The Teacher-Friendly Guide™ to Climate Change.

  • The Effect of Alcohol on Biological Membranes

    The primary objective of this experiment is to determine the stress that various alcohols have on biological membranes. Membranes within cells are composed mainly of lipids and proteins and often serve to help maintain order within a cell by containing cellular materials. Different membranes have a variety of specific functions. One type of membrane-bound vacuole found in plant cells, the ...

  • Logger Lite Updates

    The easy-to-use software makes learning intuitive by making science visual. Version 1.9.4. Released May 2, 2018. Logger Lite is a free download. The installer will install the latest version or replace the existing installation of Logger Lite.

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    Downloads Graphical Analysis 4 Collect, share, and analyze sensor data with our free software for Chrome™, iOS, Windows®, and macOS™ MORE INFO Spectral Analysis Collect,...

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    By Tom Smith Teaching can be a challenge, but budgeting to teach is often a downright pain. Teachers not only face small budgets and limited...

  • Top 10 Lab Experiments for This School Year

    News and Announcements; By Gary Myers, Director of District Outreach When it comes to bringing data collection to the classroom, knowing where to start can be tricky. The team at Vernier Software & Technology compiled a list of our favorite experiments from our lab books—from elementary school science to college-level experiments—to point ...

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    The Vernier Total Solar Eclipse Campaign recently won a 24th Annual Communicator Award of Distinction in the Integrated Campaign—Business to Consumer category. The campaign was...

  • Why doesn't my Barometer show the same pressure as the ...

    If your Vernier Barometer readings do not agree with the local weather reports, it is because you are looking at two different kinds of readings....

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    A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) serves the same purpose as a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). They provide a formal and consistent format, in 16 sections, that are organized in a specific order to make them easy for people to understand. The SDS also follows the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS).

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    By Janey Camp, Vanderbilt Engineering Faculty Member and Education Outreach Chair for the Nashville Branch ASCE On March 3, 2018, the Nashville Branch of the...

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  • Vernier Graphical Analysis™

    Technical Specifications Windows. Computer running Windows 7 or Windows 10. Only Windows 10 computers with compatible Bluetooth ® radios will support Bluetooth ...

  • Go Direct

    Go Direct® Simplify your lab setup. Foster learning. Empower students to investigate scientific concepts with hands-on, real-time data collection. Students Connect to Go Direct Sensors...

  • Soil pH

    When you think of pH, you probably think of liquid acids and bases. But soil can be acidic or basic, too. Soil pH, sometimes referred to as soil acidity, can be expressed using the pH scale. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. Soils with pH above 7 are basic or sweet. Soils with pH below 7 are acidic or sour. A soil with a pH of 7 is neither acidic nor basic, but is neutral. The pH of soil is an ...

  • Anemometer

    The Vernier Anemometer is an impeller-type anemometer that measures wind speed in the range of 0.5 to 30 m/s (1 to 67 mph). The Anemometer fits in your palm for wind study measurements in the field.

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    An eddy current brake is a non-contact braking system, most commonly used in trains and roller coasters. In an eddy current brake, magnets are used...

  • Experiment and Sample Data Library

    To assist you as you move from the classroom or laboratory setting to online teaching, we are offering the Vernier Experiment and Sample Data Library—a free collection of over 300 experiments with sample data covering many subjects that you can distribute to your students at home.

  • The Greenhouse Effect

    Greenhouses allow gardeners to grow plants in cold weather. This is because the air inside the greenhouse stays warmer than the outside air. Short wavelength radiation from the sun passes through the glass, warming the interior of the greenhouse. The longer-wavelength radiation emitted does not pass through glass and is trapped in the greenhouse. This, along with the lack of mixing between the ...

  • Go Direct® Mini GC™

    Teach students chromatography with an affordable, portable gas chromatograph that detects polar and nonpolar compounds. With the easy-to-use Go Direct Mini GC, free experiments from the included e-book, and the free Vernier Instrumental Analysis™ app, students can separate, analyze, and identify substances contained in a volatile liquid or gaseous sample.

  • Fermentation with Yeast

    Introduction. Yeast can metabolize sugar in two ways, aerobically, with the aid of oxygen, or anaerobically, without oxygen.When yeast metabolizes a sugar under anaerobic conditions, ethanol (CH 3 CH 2 OH) and carbon dioxide (CO 2) gas are produced.An equation for the fermentation of the simple sugar glucose (C 6 H 12 O 6) is: . The metabolic activity of yeast can be determined by the ...

  • How do I submit an innovative use for publication in the Caliper newsletter?

    In the field of education, innovation comes in many forms. Vernier supports and encourages educators to implement innovative applications of technology in science, math, and...