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Compatibility Requirements for Stainless Steel Temperature Probe and TI Handhelds

InterfaceEasyDataVersion 2.4/4.0/5.2DataMateVersion 1.15DataQuestVersion 4.2
EasyLinkFull support 1IncompatibleFull support 2
CBL 2Full support 3Full support 3 4Incompatible
LabPro(discontinued)Full support 3Full support 3 4Incompatible
TI-Nspire Lab CradleIncompatibleIncompatibleFull support

TI handheld compatibility varies based on software. See compatible TI handhelds for data collection and analysis »

Compatibility Notes

  1. Use with TI-84 Plus calculators only.
  2. Requires an Easy to Go! adapter when used with computers running TI-Nspire software
  3. CBL 2 and LabPro interfaces cannot be used with TI-84 Plus CE calculators.
  4. DataMate cannot be used with color screen TI-84 Plus calculators; use EasyData with these calculators.

Compatible Interfaces and Software

What do I need for data collection and analysis with TI Handhelds?

Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
Stainless Steel Temperature Probe

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