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Compatibility Requirements for Go Direct® CO2 Gas Sensor and Android

InterfaceGraphical Analysis 4 for AndroidVersion 4.9Graphical Analysis GW for AndroidVersion 3.2Google Science JournalVersion 1.2.259
No interface requiredFull supportIncompatibleFull support 1
LabQuest 2Full support 2 3 4Full support 2 3Incompatible

Compatibility Notes

  1. In addition to having the Science Journal app installed and the Location permission enabled, you must also install Graphical Analysis 4 on your Android device to use this sensor.
  2. Wireless connection of this sensor to a LabQuest 2 requires a Go Wireless Bluetooth Adapter when used with some older LabQuest 2 models.
  3. iOS and Android devices can only connect to LabQuest 2 via Wireless Data Sharing.
  4. Connect this sensor directly to a supported mobile device via a wireless Bluetooth® connection for best results.

Compatible Interfaces and Software

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Go Direct® CO2 Gas Sensor

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