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Compatibility Requirements for Thermocouple and Android

InterfaceGraphical Analysis 4 for AndroidVersion 4.9Graphical Analysis GW for AndroidVersion 3.2Google Science JournalVersion 1.2.259
LabQuest StreamFull supportPartial support 1 2Incompatible
LabQuest 2Full support 3Full support 3Incompatible
Go Wireless® Link(discontinued)IncompatiblePartial support 1 2Partial support 1 2 4

Compatibility Notes

  1. Data can be collected using the sensor’s default calibration only.
  2. New Thermocouples (Model: TCA1816R3) are not supported with this software. No Software updates are planned.
  3. iOS and Android devices can only connect to LabQuest 2 via Wireless Data Sharing.
  4. In addition to having the Science Journal app installed and the Location permission enabled, you must also install Graphical Analysis GW on your Android device to use this sensor.

Compatible Interfaces and Software

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