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Vernier Software & Technology

Compatibility Requirements for Vernier Structures & Materials Tester and Chromebook

InterfaceGraphical Analysis 4 for ChromeVersion 4.9
LabQuest MiniPartial support 1
LabQuest 2Full support 1 2
LabQuest StreamPartial support 1 3
Go!LinkPartial support 1
Original LabQuest(discontinued)Partial support 1

Compatibility Notes

  1. This interface/software combination can only collect force data; displacement measurements are not supported.
  2. Full support of this sensor is only available when LabQuest 2 is connected to a computer or Chromebook via Wireless Data Sharing.
  3. Connect LabQuest Stream via USB. Future software updates will support connection via Bluetooth® technology

Compatible Interfaces and Software

What do I need for data collection and analysis with Chromebook?

Vernier Structures & Materials Tester

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