Vernier Software and Technology
Vernier Software & Technology

Vernier Support Team

Portrait of Matthew Denton wearing a bee keeper suit

Sr. Quality Assurance Engineer and Technical Support Specialist

Portrait of Josh Ence with marathan number and bottle rocket

Engineering Educational Technology Specialist

Portrait of John Gastineau holding a snowboard

Staff Scientist

Portrait of Robyn Gastineau holding a globe

Managing Director of Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Science

Portrait of Melissa Hill wearing a sun hat

Chemistry Staff Scientist

Portrait of Nusret Hisim

Chemistry Educational Technology Specialist

Portrait of Jake Hopkins holding a bicycle tire

Director of Technical Support

Portrait of Colleen McDaniel holding a bird book and binoculars

Biology & Environmental Science Educational Technology Specialist

Portrait of John Melville wearing a coffee maker

Director of Biology

Portrait of Gary Myers

Director of District Outreach

Portrait of Elaine Nam wearing a sun hat

Director of Chemistry

Portrait of Fran Poodry holding a soldering iron

Director of Physics

Portrait of Katie Pursinger with board games

Technical Support Coordinator

Portrait of Jack Randall wearing a baseball glove

Director of College Outreach

Portrait of Tom Smith in fishing gear

Engineering Educational Technology Specialist

Portrait of Sam Swartley holding a Portland Timbers soccer team scarf

Director of Engineering Education

Portrait of Sara Tallarovic with ukulele

Biology Staff Scientist

Portrait of Dave Vernier with a guitar

Co-President and Co-Founder

Portrait of Verle Walters holding a photo of his family

Educational Technology Product Owner and Partnership Manager

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