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Patch LabQuest® Firmware to Version 1.5.2

Updating your LabQuest is a simple process of downloading the update to a thumb drive or SD card, plugging the thumb drive or SD card in LabQuest, and running the update on LabQuest.

This patch requires the LabQuest 1.5.1 update to be installed first. Please update your LabQuest to 1.5.1 before continuing.

Download LabQuest 1.5.2 Patch

Download 1.5.2 Patch (14 KB)

Steps to Update LabQuest Firmware

  1. Download and save the file on your computer. The zip file is small, at about 14 KB.

  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to the top level of a USB flash drive. In other words, the contents of the zip file, called LQv1.5.2-Update.lqa, must not be inside a folder. If needed, see zip extraction instructions in the FAQ.

  3. Turn on your LabQuest and connect it to AC Power. Connect the USB Flash Drive to your LabQuest. Identification of the Flash Drive can take several seconds.

  4. The updater will be detected by LabQuest, and a dialog will appear. Click OK to proceed.

  5. When the update successfully finishes, the LabQuest will restart. At this point, it is safe to remove the flash drive.

Verify LabQuest 1.5.2 Update

You can verify that update was applied with these steps:

  1. Tap the Home Icon
  2. Select Control Panel
  3. Select System Information
  4. Verify the system information summary tab shows LabQuest 1.5.2
LabQuest System Information Screen for 1.5.2

LabQuest Update FAQ and Troubleshooting Tips

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