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Chemistry--Small-Scale Chemistry (Lab Manual)

Chemistry--Small-Scale Chemistry (Lab Manual)

PublisherPrentice Hall
Author(s)Edward L. Waterman

Correlations to Vernier Curriculum

6 chapters from Chemistry--Small-Scale Chemistry (Lab Manual) are correlated with 6 labs from the following Vernier lab books:

Chapter/ Section Title Vernier Lab Book Vernier Experiment Sensor(s) Used
10 Titration: Determining How Much Acid is in a Solution Chemistry with Vernier 36Microscale Acid-Base Titration
13 Heat of Fusion of Ice Chemistry with Vernier 4Heat of Fusion of Ice
22 Electrolytes Chemistry with Vernier 13Properties of Solutions: Electrolytes and Non-Electrolytes
26 A Small-Scale Colorimetrci pH Meter Chemistry with Vernier 21Household Acids and Bases
29 Titration Curves Chemistry with Vernier 23Titration Curves of Strong and Weak Acids and Bases
33 Small-Scale Voltaic Cells Chemistry with Vernier 28Establishing a Table of Reduction Potentials: Micro-Voltaic Cells

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