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Biology - Laboratory Manual B

Biology - Laboratory Manual B

PublisherPrentice Hall

Correlations to Vernier Curriculum

6 chapters from Biology - Laboratory Manual B are correlated with 13 labs from the following Vernier lab books:

Chapter/ Section Title Vernier Lab Book Vernier Experiment Sensor(s) Used
3 Investigating Chemical Cycles in the Biosphere Agricultural Science with Vernier 28Interdependence of Plants and Animals
Biology with Vernier 14Interdependence of Plants and Animals
5 Sampling a Plant Community Agricultural Science with Vernier 29Biodiversity and Ecosystems
Biology with Vernier 15Biodiversity and Ecosystems
8 Investigating The Effect of Light Intensity on Photosynthesis Advanced Biology with Vernier 4BPhotosynthesis
Biology with Vernier 7Photosynthesis
9 Observing Respiration Advanced Biology with Vernier 5ACell Respiration (CO2 and O2)
5BCell Respiration (CO2)
5CCell Respiration (O2)
5DCell Respiration (Pressure)
Agricultural Science with Vernier 14ACell Respiration (CO2)
14BCell Respiration (O2)
14CCell Respiration (CO2 and O2)
Biology with Vernier 11ACell Respiration (O2)
11BCell Respiration (CO2)
11CCell Respiration (Pressure)
11DCell Respiration (CO2 and O2)
18Acid Rain
Investigating Environmental Science through Inquiry 14Cell Respiration (CO2)
19 Investigating Bacterial Fermentation Agricultural Science with Vernier 2Acids and Bases
Biology with Vernier 3Acids and Bases
21 Controlling the Rate of Fermentation by a Fungus Agricultural Science with Vernier 6Respiration of Sugars by Yeast
Biology with Vernier 12ARespiration of Sugars by Yeast
12BSugar Fermentation
16AEffect of Temperature on Respiration
16BEffect of Temperature on Fermentation

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