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Chemistry in the Laboratory

Chemistry in the Laboratory

PublisherW.H. Freeman and Company
Author(s)James M. Postma, Julian L. Roberts, J. Leland Hollenburg

Correlations to Vernier Curriculum

13 chapters from Chemistry in the Laboratory are correlated with 17 labs from the following Vernier lab books:

Chapter/ Section Title Vernier Lab Book Vernier Experiment Sensor(s) Used
15 Enthalpy Changes in Chemical Reactions Hess's Law Chemistry with Vernier 18Additivity of Heats of Reaction: Hess's Law
16 The Enthalpy of Combustion of a Vegetable Oil Chemistry with Vernier 19Heat of Combustion: Magnesium
18 Conductivity of Solutions of Ionic and Covalent Compounds Chemistry with Vernier 13Properties of Solutions: Electrolytes and Non-Electrolytes
21 Liquids and Solids Chemistry with Vernier 4Heat of Fusion of Ice
10Vapor Pressure of Liquids
22 Colligative Properties Chemistry with Vernier 15Using Freezing Point Depression to Find Molecular Weight
23 Some Examples of Chemical Equilibria Chemistry with Vernier 20Chemical Equilibrium: Finding a Constant, Kc
24 Determination of an Equilibrium Constant by Spectrophotometry Chemistry with Vernier 20Chemical Equilibrium: Finding a Constant, Kc
26 The Rate of a Chemical Reaction Chemistry with Vernier 30Rate Law Determination of the Crystal Violet Reaction
27 The pH Scale and Acid-Base Titrations Chemistry with Vernier 21Household Acids and Bases
24Acid-Base Titration
34 Oxidation-Reduction Chemistry with Vernier 28Establishing a Table of Reduction Potentials: Micro-Voltaic Cells
36 Electrochemical Cells Chemistry with Vernier 29Lead Storage Batteries
40 Atmospheric Chemistry of Nitric Oxide Chemistry with Vernier 22Acid Rain
43 Natural Radioactivity Advanced Chemistry with Vernier 27α, β, and γ Vernier Radiation Monitor
28Radiation Shielding Vernier Radiation Monitor
Nuclear Radiation with Vernier 1α, β, and γ Vernier Radiation Monitor
2Distance and Radiation Vernier Radiation Monitor
3Lifetime Measurement Vernier Radiation Monitor
6Radiation Shielding Vernier Radiation Monitor

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