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Active Physics - Medicine

Active Physics - Medicine

PublisherIt's About Time
Author(s)Arthur Eisenkraft, Ph.D

Correlations to Vernier Curriculum

4 chapters from Active Physics - Medicine are correlated with 5 labs from the following Vernier lab books:

Chapter/ Section Title Vernier Lab Book Vernier Experiment Sensor(s) Used
1.5 Measuring and Displaying Waveforms Physics with Vernier 34Tones, Vowels and Telephones Microphone
2.4 Converging Lenses Physical Science with Vernier 25How Bright is the Light?
Physics with Vernier 29Light, Brightness and Distance
3.2 Measuring the Speed of Sound: High Tech Method Physics with Vernier 33Speed of Sound
3.5 Activity Fish Finders and M Scans Earth Science with Vernier 19Mapping the Ocean Floor Motion Detector

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