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What are the dimensions of the 3-step pulley/wheel on the Rotary Motion Sensor?

The dimensions and masses are the same for the Standard Rotary Motion Sensor and the Go Direct Rotary Motion Sensor. The measurements are as follows:

Diameter of small groove: 10 mm
Diameter of medium groove: 29 mm
Diameter of large groove: 48 mm
Diameter of outer: 52 mm
Diameter of outer with rubber O-ring installed: 55 mm

Moment of Inertia for 3-step pulley: approx. 2.7 X 10^-6 kg m^2. The mass is 8.6 g.
Moment of Inertia for shaft and encoder: approx. 1.1 X 10^-6 kg m^2. The mass is 18.8 g.

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