If you install Logger Pro 2.2 into Windows XP or 2000 while logged in as administrator and then log in as a restricted user (i.e. a student user), Logger Pro will fail to launch. Windows will say “The application failed to initialize properly. (0xc0000022).” The same problem occurs if running NAL (Novell Application Launcher).

This is due to Windows not allowing all users to access the dlls in the program directory. However, in Windows 2000 and XP the dlls are redundant.

To fix, do the following. Note: This issue has been resolved in new versions of Logger Pro. Download the latest version of Logger Pro from our website:

If you want to continue using Logger Pro 2.2, navigate to the Logger Pro 2.2 folder. Inside you’ll find the following four dll files, among others:


While logged into the machine as administrator, rename these four files only to MFC42.OLD, etc. That will deactivate them without deleting them.

Now Logger Pro will run for all users.