This applies to Macintosh OS 9 only.

When installing Logger Pro 3, on certain systems you may get the following message:

“The Application “Logger Pro 3″ could not be opened because “InterfaceLib–GetComponentResource” could not be found.
You may need to install a newer version of “InterfaceLib–GetComponentResource”.”

This will happen if the version of Quicktime is very old or if it has been removed. To properly install Logger Pro, first install the current version of Quicktime. You can download it from:

If the error message still occurs, then you need to update your OS to 9.2.2 (a free update from any version of OS9, using the Software Update control panel).

If the installer fails without a message about missing CarbonLib, you way also need to install CarbonLib separately. This is included on the Logger Pro 3.4.2 CD, and is also available for download at: