The experiments that accompany Holt Physics were written for the original CBL interface, and they use a program called “PHYSICS”. The CBL is an older interface that is no longer available, and it has been replaced with the CBL 2 interface and the Vernier LabPro interface. The original CBL and the newer interfaces are different in many ways, but you can still perform the Holt Physics labs with the new interfaces. You have two options. Here is a brief statement of the situation. Further down in the message, you will find specific details. Your options are
1) Use revised versions of the lab which are posted on the HRW web site. These versions of the labs have been updated, and the directions are written for the calculator software developed for the CBL 2 or LabPro. If you take this route, all you have to do is download the revised labs from the HRW web site, load the new software on your calculator, and begin collecting data. (See below for more detail.)
2) Use the original versions of the labs that came with your textbook. Those instructions were written for calculator programs developed for the original CBL, but we do have versions of the program that will run on the new interfaces. If you take this option, you will need to download the most recent versions of the PHYSICS program from our web site. (See below for more detail.)
Now for the details
1) If you want to use the new versions of the labs, you can download those labs from the Holt web site at
From that page you have access to the updated labs and support documents. These versions of the labs were written for the programs written for the CBL 2 and LabPro interfaces. The basic data collection program for the calculators is called “DataMate”. That program can be downloaded directly from the CBL 2 or LabPro interface. This process is very easy and instructions can be found with the booklet that comes with either interface. A couple of the Holt Physics lab use two support programs that are available on our web site at These programs are called “DatMatch” and “DataGate”. Again they are only used in two of the labs. Instructions on how to download those programs can be found in a booklet called “Beyond DataMate”, which can be downloaded from the Vernier URL mentioned above.
2) If you decide to stay with the labs as they are written in your textbook, you need to get the most recent version of the PHYSICS program which can be downloaded from our web site at Once you download the PHYSICS program, you can transfer it from the computer to the calculator using a TI Graph Link cable and either TI-Graph Link software or TI Connect software. Additional information about the transfer process can be found in our manual called “CBL Made Easy”, which is also downloaded from the web page mentioned directly above.