If you are prompted for installation of drivers repeatedly on Windows 2000 or XP, it is because the software was not fully installed. Note: The simplest way to resolve this issue is to update to Logger Pro 3.4 or newer. The latest version of Logger Pro can be downloaded from our website at:

If you are unable to update your version of Logger Pro, here’s how to install Logger Pro 3.3 to avoid this problem:

Logger Pro has to be installed on each computer. Installing to a network location won’t install the necessary USB drivers on the local machines, so we do not support installation of Logger Pro to a network drive.

Log in to the computer as administrator. Disconnect any Go!Temps, Go! Link, or LabPro interfaces. Run the installer from the Logger Pro CD. All necessary instructions are on screen, but here are some additional points. The default location for the installation will minimize problems. Install Quicktime if needed. The next step is important if your student accounts are restricted from installing drivers: The Logger Pro installer will now prompt you to connect the LabPro to the USB port to install the drivers. If this is not done while logged on as administrator, the USB connection will not work, and students will be prompted to install the drivers repeatedly.

With the LabPro powered, connect the USB cable and allow the driver to install. Connect the LabPro to EACH USB port you might use for the LabPro, as Windows requires a separate installation for each port, or each port of a USB hub. Again, this has to be done while logged in as administrator.

Now click through the Logger Pro installer to finish.

Log off as administrator, and log back in as a student. You should be able to use Logger Pro normally without being prompted to install USB drivers.

Some networks redirect students to save files to a specific location. This behavior can interfere with the assumptions made in the initial install of Logger Pro. There are important experiment files that students will need to open to use Logger Pro fully. These files are in a folder titled “Experiments” located just inside the “Logger Pro 3″ folder.

Unless the network overrules the preference set by Logger Pro, the user will be looking just inside the Experiments folder when the user chooses Open from the file Menu. If choosing Open initially results in a view of a network location, or a floppy drive, then the network is overriding the Logger Pro setting.

The default view seen on choosing Open can be set in the Logger Pro preferences. Choose Preferences from the File menu, and see the Default Folder entry. This setting can easily be changed. Some users choose to keep a copy of experiment files on a network folder. Keeping experiment files on a network folder makes it easy to deliver custom files to all users. If you do this, you’ll want to set the Logger Pro default folder to that network location. However, the network location must always then be available when Logger Pro is launched.

Note that the default folder location is set in Windows on a per-user basis. Thus each user will have to set that location once per computer. Normal windows security settings will allow each user to write to that user’s portion of the computer registry. We have seen school networks where the student user cannot write to the registry at all. This additional and nonstandard restriction blocks the standard method of saving preferences, and will get in the way of the normal operation of many applications. If the default folder location cannot be set across reboots, your security policies may be preventing the setting from being retained.