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Can I Order Pressure Sensor Accessories Separately?

Yes, all of the individual parts found in the Pressure Sensor Accessories Kit (included with each Gas Pressure Sensor) can be ordered as separate pieces, using this order information:

Luer-Lock Connector, order code PS-LUER, $1

Plastic 2-Way Valve, order code PS-2WAY, $2

Stopper Stem, order code PS-STEM, $1

#5 2-hole Rubber Stopper, order code PS-STOP5, $2

#1 1-hole Rubber Stopper, order code PS-STOP1, $1

Plastic Tubing, order code PS-TUBING, $1

Plastic Syringe, order code PS-SYR, $2

Plastic Tubing Clamps (Pack of 100), order code PTC, $49

The entire kit is also sold as Gas Pressure Sensor Replacement Parts, order code PS-ACC, $12

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