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Rotary Motion Sensor Troubleshooting and FAQs

current style:
Rotary Motion Sensor, order code RMV-BTD, $169
Specifications and User Guide

older style:
Pasco Rotary Motion Sensor, order code RMS-BTD

-Primary Test:
1. Attach the Rotary Motion Sensor to the Vernier data-collection interface and start the data-collection software.
2. If you are using LabPro, open the Rotary Motion Angular.cmbl file from the Probes and Sensors folder in Logger Pro.
3. Start data collection.
4. Rotate the axle one revolution counterclockwise.
5. The reading should advance from zero to approximately 6.28 radians.

-TIL 1012: What are the dimensions of the 3-step pulley/wheel on the Rotary Motion Sensor?
-TIL 717: What is the highest rate of rotation for the Rotary Motion Sensor (standard and Go Direct)?
-TIL 1823: With which rotary motion sensors does the Vernier Rotational Motion Accessory Kit (AK-RMV) work?
-TIL 50: Can the PSL (Team Labs) Rotary Motion Probe be used with my Vernier equipment?
-TIL 735: Why does my PSL/Team Labs Rotary Motion sensor not read correctly when using Logger Pro?
-TIL 462: Which Logger Pro experiment file do I use for my rotary motion sensor?
-TIL 1935: The rotary motion sensor won't stay zeroed when using LabPro.
-TIL 1955: Rotary Motion Sensor will not Auto ID with LabPro.
-TIL 2671: Can I use my Rotary Motion sensors with TI calculators?
-TIL 2732: What are the moments of inertia of the disks included in the Rotary Motion Accessory Kit?
-TIL 2989: Can I buy just the adjustable swivel mount from the Rotary Motion Accessory Kit?
-TIL 3632: How do I change the rotary motion sensor to read clockwise rotation as positive?
-TIL 3645: How do I attach the Swivel Mount to the Rotary Motion Sensor?

-Current order code: RMV-BTD
-Old order code: RMS-BTD
-Old order code: RMS-ULI (ULI only)
-No other information available.

-It is not necessary to calibrate this sensor.

-Rotational Motion Accessory Kit, order code AK-RMV, $110
-Rotary Motion Motor Kit, order code MK-RMV, $12

-Advanced Physics with Vernier — Mechanics, order code PHYS-AM, $48
-TIL 2476: What experiments can I do with the Vernier Rotational Motion Accessory Kit?

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