We use use a bacterial filter that is manufactured by Microgard. It is designed to capture 99% of all aerosolized bacterial and viral pathogens. It is the same type of filter used in hospitals by respiratory technicians. This filter is used with the Go Direct® Spirometer (GDX-SPR) and the Spirometer (SPR-BTA)

The PDF below is the specifications sheet released by Microgard for this filter.


–Disposable Bacterial Filter (pkg of 10) (SPR-FIL, discontinued) (pkg. of 10)
–Disposable Mouthpiece (pkg of 30) (SPR-MP, discontinued) (pkg. of 30)
–Noseclip (pkg of 10) (SPR-NOSE, discontinued) (pkg. of 10)
Spirometer Flow Head (SPR-FLOW)