LabQuest does not replace LabPro. We see LabQuest as adding another option to our interface line-up. We already had the basic and the standard models, and now we’ve added a deluxe model. LabPro is still an excellent (and less expensive) choice for people who want to use computers and/or calculators.

If you use LabPro as a computer interface, and would like to add more stations, consider the LabQuest Mini. It is less expensive than LabPro, does not need AC power, and works with all LabPro sensors. The only downside is that LabQuest Mini only has three analog channels instead of four, and that there is no built-in function generator. However, we find that very few people use all four analog channels at the same time, and most people don’t even know that LabPro has a function generator.

For a comparison all of our different interfaces, see: