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Does TI Connect and Logger Pro calculator communications work on 64-bit Windows?

Logger Pro 3.8.4 and later can import data from a TI calculator on 64 bit versions. The free update to a version of Logger Pro that works in modern operating systems is available at:

Earlier version could often be made to work by installing TI-Connect 1.6.1 or higher on the computer after installing Logger Pro. Texas Instruments did not support any 64-bit version of Windows for communications with calculators until version 1.6.1. TI Connect versions before 1.6.1 are incompatible with XP 64, Vista 64, and Windows 7 64. TI-Connect 1.6.1 can be downloaded from:

Graphical Analysis can not import from calculators on 64-bit versions of Windows. Use Logger Pro instead.

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