This is an issue with Logger Pro 3.8 related to the calculator dedicated list variables. This is a Windows only issue that occurs when a TI-84 Plus is connected using the USB Direct cable. Specific behavior depends on the computer and the OS.

No all computers are affected; import works correctly in many cases.

The subscript characters used to represent the calculator lists L1, L2, L3, L4, L5, and L6 may not display as expected in Logger Pro 3.8. The lists may be displayed out of order, and/or may have the subscript character represented by a square (□) instead of a specific number.

– Lists collected using a LabPro, CBR or CBL2 will be out of order. Lists collected using an EasyLink, EasyTemp or CBR2 will be properly ordered.
– If the lists are simply out of order, select your desired lists as normal.
– If you cannot tell the lists apart, select all of the lists for import, and then delete any list you do not want.

Once the lists have been imported, you can click and drag the columns to change their arrangement. It will be necessary to modify your Logger Pro graphs since the first list imported is used as the independent variable and the second list as the dependent variable.