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Issues with older versions of Logger Pro (version 3.4 and older)

Below is a list of known issues in older versions of Logger Pro (includes 3.4 and older). In most cases, the latest version of Logger Pro will solve your problem. You can update to the latest version at:

Please note, however, that older Operating Systems (OS) do not always work with the latest version of the software. Check the compatibility of your OS at:

3.x Issues (Windows)
TIL 738: Are LabPro and Logger Pro compatible with Windows 3.1?
TIL 1074: Why does Windows 2000 or XP warn me that the LabPro USB driver is untested?
TIL 1266: Why does Windows keep reinstalling the LabPro USB drivers for student accounts?

3.x Issues (Mac)
TIL 1193: Error on installation of Logger Pro: InterfaceLib--GetComponentResource
TIL 1673: Installing Logger Pro on Macintosh may require permission repair
TIL 783: When I try to use my USB Graph Link cable on my Mac I get a message saying that the cable can not be found and the USB driver is not loaded. What should I do?

2.x Issues (All Platforms)

2.x Issues (Windows)
TIL 603: Printing problems with Logger Pro 2.x for Windows
TIL 754: I have a pre-2.1.1 version of Logger Pro for Windows. When I run the program and try to use the Sensor Setup dialog, the program crashes. How do I fix this?
TIL 671: When using Logger Pro 2.0 for Windows the program is unable to detect the connected LabPro using the USB cable. What is the problem?
TIL 714: Why after installing Logger Pro 2.1 in Windows 98 does my USB work intermittantly or not at all?
TIL 603: Printing problems with Logger Pro 2.x for Windows
TIL 739: How do you get rid of bootup error message like c:windowssystemvmm32windrvr.vxd could not be found after mistakenly installing USB drivers to Win 95 PC?

2.x Issues (Mac)
TIL 1084: Why does Logger Pro 2.2 launch with the error message: The application failed to initialize properly.
TIL 778: Why does a blank space print in the middle of my graph when printing from LoggerPro for Macintosh?
TIL 1050: How do I connect my ULI or Serial Box Interface to a Macintosh that does not have a serial port?

Issues for all Platforms not 2.x or 3.x specific
TIL 727: I have the Logger Pro software. How do I put it onto floppy disk to install it on computers without CD ROM drives?
TIL 595: How do I connect my ULI to a Windows computer that does not have a serial port?

1.x Issues
TIL 471: Can not find interface on Power Mac. (PowerBook 3400, G3 and PowerMac 4400, 5200, 5400, 5500, 6360, 6400, 6500, G3, Mac Clone PowerBase 200)

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