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Are Ethidium Bromide (ETBR) stained gels readable using a BlueView Transilluminator?

Quick answer, Yes.
Full answer, depends on the concentration and amount of nucleic acid present in the bands in question. Testing revealed the BlueView Transilluminator (BlueView) is capable of detecting double stranded DNA segments stained with ethidium bromide(ETBR). An 0.8% agarose gel stained with ETBR was compared for sensitivity to detect DNA using two different transillumination systems; blue light (480nm) and ultraviolet light (302nm). Results using a standard DNA ladder (5000bp, 2000bp, 850bp, 400bp, and 100bp fragments)indicated that the Blue Digital BioImaging System was capable of detecting some bands at a DNA concentration of 12ng/band and all bands at a 48ng/ band concentration. The small 100bp band of the ladder was hard to detect at the lower concentrations.

The BlueView works best with fluorescent stains excited in the blue light region of the spectrum (400 - 500nm). Several of these less toxic fluorescent stains are currently available including SYBR Safe.

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