We offer a silent installer for Logger Pro and Graphical Analysis App. See:
How can I install Logger Pro on several computers? Is there an MSI file or a silent installer?
How do I use the silent installer for Graphical Analysis?

We recommend using our silent installer for Logger Pro and Graphical Analysis because of the complexity of installing custom Windows USB drivers.

For our other software products, we recommend a standard installation. We do, however, offer do-it-yourself silent installation solutions below, but we have not tested these thoroughly and typically do not support such installations. Our preliminary testing indicates that this method of “installing” will work if the machines have the same operating system but there are differences between the Windows 7/8.1/10 and 32/64 bit contents of the program files.

Logger Lite
If you have already installed Logger Pro on the computer (silently or not), it has laid down the necessary drivers correctly. Copy the Program Files\Vernier Software\Logger Lite folder and the necessary shortcut icons from computer to computer.