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We currently use Graphical Analysis 2 (or 2.1, Windows or Macintosh) in our school. I would like to upgrade to the new Graphical Analysis 3 software. What is the order code and cost for this upgrade?

As of January 1, 2017, Graphical Analysis 3 is a free download.

The information below is for when we offer a paid upgrade from Graphical Analysis version 2 to version 3.

Question: My students would like to use Graphical Analysis on their computers at home. Do they have to purchase student versions?

Answer: Your school site license includes your students. They can legally install copies of Graphical Analysis 3 on their home computers at no additional charge. There are several ways you can distribute Graphical Analysis to your students:
- You may send your Graphical Analysis CD home with students.
- You may make copies of the Graphical Analysis CD and send those copies home with them.
- You may purchase a 5-Pack of student CDs: GA Student CD 5-PACK, order code GA-ST5. Note: You may purchase the Student 5-Pack ONLY if you have previously purchased Graphical Analysis 3 (or an upgrade to Graphical Analysis 3).

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