This information pertains to LabQuest 2.

If you have an original LabQuest, see this article.

While applying an update to LabQuest 2, you might get the following error message:
“The update encountered a problem reprogramming the DAQ. If the update does not succeed, call Vernier Tech Support at (888) 837-6437 or”

The LabQuest 2.6 update has an issue where it won’t update LabQuest 2 units that were running versions 2.0.0-2.0.2. Until we fix this issue, there is a workaround: do an intermediate update to 2.5.3 and then update to 2.6. The 2.5.3 update can be found here:

Note that you can’t have two update files on the same USB/SD drive at the same time, so you’ll need to delete the 2.6 update from the drive before you update to 2.5.3 and then complete the update to 2.6.