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What should I purchase for doing Amusement Park Physics?

The Amusement Park Physics, order code AMPK, $35 book describes several methods for collecting data from roller coaster rides. If you are starting new, the best products to use are:

Wireless Dynamics Sensor System, order code WDSS, $249
Data Vest, order code DV, $54

Note that the best practice is to set up a "download station" at the park, where someone stays with a laptop. Student groups go out to collect data, then return to the download station to move the data from the WDSS to the computer, save a file with the student names, and do some analysis.

#1 Tip for collecting data from roller coasters: Test out all of your equipment BEFORE you leave for the park. Do some dry runs at a local playground so that you and at least a few of your students are comfortable with setting up data collection, then retrieving the data when the experiment is over.

A great web site with tips and tricks for data collection on roller coasters is:

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