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SpectroVis Plus Troubleshooting and FAQs

SpectroVis Plus, order code SVIS-PL
Please read the user manual for general usage: Specifications and User Guide

-Primary Test: Are you using Logger Pro 3.6 (or newer)?
-Secondary Test: Is the USB cable securely connected?

TIL 2179: What is the difference between the V-SPEC and the GDX-SVISPL? Why does one cost so much more than the other?
TIL 3919: How is the Go Direct SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer different than the SpectroVis Plus?
TIL 2416: How do I check the lamp output of my spectrometer?
TIL 2589: Why is the absorbance reading on my device (spectrometer/colorimeter) unstable or nonlinear at values above 1.0?
TIL 2569: Why don't all of my spectrometers and/or Colorimeters read the same absorbance value for the same sample?
TIL 2571: Can my Vernier-branded spectrometer be reconditioned? Can the lamp in my spectrometer be replaced?
TIL 2539: Why don't the absorbance readings for the Colorimeter or the spectrometers have units?
TIL 2889: What do the numbers on the bottom label of the SpectroVis Plus mean?
TIL 2046: What is the path length for the Vernier-branded spectrometers?
TIL 3920: Can a SpectroVis Plus Spectrophotometer be repaired?

TIL 2016: What is the difference between the types of cuvettes you sell for Spectrometers and the Colorimeter?
TIL 1921: Do you sell replacement lids for my plastic cuvettes?
TIL 2520: What types of liquids can be poured into your plastic Colorimeter or Spectrometer cuvettes without harming the cuvette?
TIL 1660: Where can I get quartz cuvettes for your spectrophotometers?
TIL 2202: Do I need to use 4-sided clear cuvettes if I am doing a fluorescence experiment with the Spectro Vis Plus?
TIL 1846: Does the Vernier Spectrophotometer Optical Fiber work with any of the Ocean Optics Spectrometers or vice versa?
TIL 3927: Which fiber optic cable is used with which spectrometer?

Software Issues
TIL 2408: My spectrometer is connected to a computer and I get the error message, "Could not collect values from device," during calibration.
TIL 2853: Is there a way to toggle on/off the colored background behind the absorbance spectrum graph?
TIL 2888: When should I use the Intensity Correction for my Vernier-branded Spectrometer?
TIL 2066: Why is the maximum sample time for a spectrometer set at 1000 milliseconds?
TIL 1850: Why are there blank data table cells in my spectrometer absorbance data?
TIL 2165: Will the SpectroVis Plus or GoDirect SpectroVis Plus work with LoggerLite?
TIL 2276: How can I overlay two emission spectra graphs in LoggerPro?
TIL 2177: How can I display both Absorbance and % Transmittance, from Spectrometer measurements, in Logger Pro 3?
TIL 2233: I collected Absorbance data and then Fluorescence data (or emission data) with my spectrometer. I am now collecting Absorbance data again and my data does not look correct.
TIL 2922: My LabQuest 2 locks up or is not identified when connected to a SpectroVis Plus.

TIL 1577: Do you have labs written for your spectrophotometers?
TIL 2404: Can I use my spectrometer to collect data at one wavelength (kinetics or Beer's law)?
TIL 3148: How do I run the AP Chemistry food dye lab with a Colorimeter instead of a Spectrometer?
TIL 2224: Do you have instructions on how to use a spectrophotometer to conduct the Photosynthesis lab?
TIL 2540: Do you have an experiment written for quantitative analysis using the GDX-SVISPL fluorescence capabilities?
TIL 2178: Are there some readily-available substances I can use to measure fluorescence with a SpectroVis Plus?
TIL 1563: Can I do blackbody experiments with the Vernier or Ocean Optics Spectrometers?
TIL 2553: Why can't I see better Hydrogen emission lines with my spectrometer?
TIL 4001: Can I collect data with a spectrometer while using another sensor such as temperature or pH using Logger Pro?

TIL 3707: What is the Z dimension or beam height of your Spectrometers?

     In Absorbance mode? Yes.
     In Emission mode? No.
     In Fluorescence mode? No.

-Calibration process for Absorbance mode: Use a USB cable to connect the Spectrometer to a computer. Run Logger Pro 3.6 (or newer). Select Calibrate from the Experiment menu. Follow the instructions in the Calibrate dialog box.

SpectroVis Optical Fiber, order code SVIS-FIBER, $69
Plastic Cuvettes (Visible Range), order code CUV, $19

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