Release Notes for LabQuest 2.1

New Sensor Support
Ethanol Sensor (ETH-BTA)
Goniometer (GNM-BTA)
Vernier Mini GC Plus (GC2-MINI)
Vernier Optical DO Probe (ODO-BTA)
Pyranometer (PYR-BTA)
Vernier Radiation Monitor (VRM-BTD)

LabQuest App Improvements
• Ability to turn off spectrometer graph rainbow background
• Spectrometer graph background for intensity measurements is now off
• Supports display of spectrometer graph background as full height or thin strip
• Improved user feedback regarding the allowable sampling rates for the internal light sensor and microphone.
• Time of day stamp is now set in LabQuest files (for use with files transferred to Logger Pro)
• Modified calibration dialog to more closely match calibration instructions found in Vernier sensor booklets

Additional Network Support
Added support for additional network types:
• WPA and WPA2 Enterprise (PEAP) networks that require user name and password to connect to the network
• Captive Portal networks that require interaction with a web page to connect to the network

Updated Vernier Data Share Web App (v1.1)
Vernier Data Share is a web app that supports connecting to LabQuest 2 with mobile devices such as iOS devices, Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, and laptops. Vernier Data Share is part of the Connected Science System and allows students to view, analyze, and annotate data collected with LabQuest 2. The Data Share version 1.1 update includes:
• Better feedback for offline mode
• Ability to print graphs
• Ability to export data to a CSV file or web page table
• Redesigned info boxes for Statistics and Curve Fits:
     o Improved display and layout
     o Boxes are now moveable for better visibility
• Improved performance with some data-collection scenarios
• Improved performance in Table view
• General stability and performance improvements

Other Improvements
• Fixed a security issue that exposed the e-mail configuration password.
• Fixed battery calibration for improved battery performance.
• Fixed issue that prevented automatic backup file from being saved when battery level is too low to continue powering the LabQuest.
• Added support for manual entry of a printer’s IP address.
• Added Pulse Width Modulation support in the DAQ firmware for use with engineering education applications when used with Vernier Logger Pro software.
• Provided a mechanism to reset factory defaults via an update.
• Improved update mechanism (vs. original LabQuest) to support automatic application of an update with minimal interaction.
• Internal microphone now samples on all supported rates.
• Improved messages displayed when there is a conflict between applications trying to use the internal microphone.
• Added Periodic Table information updates.

LabQuest 2.1 Known Issues
Remembering Wi-Fi Connection Credentials
The 1-hour and 1-day settings for how long credentials are remembered (WPA Wi-Fi networks) is not working as expected. When LabQuest is connected to the network beyond the specified time-out period, the connection will persist. Disconnecting after the timeout period will require the user to reenter valid credentials as expected. To disconnect from the network and ensure the credentials are removed, do the following: Tap Home, then tap Connections, and then tap Network. Tap the Wi-Fi Radio Enabled check box to disable your Wi-Fi connection.

Manual Column Data Loss
Manual column data with decimal precision higher then the column display precision will lose the higher decimal precision when the file is saved or exported. For example, if you enter the number 0.01534 and have the Column Options Display Precision set to the default two decimal places, the table will show 0.02. When the file is saved, the value will be truncated (not rounded) to 0.01, matching the display precision of the column. The data is not recoverable and must be reentered. To retain all desired decimal values, set the column display precision to match the desired precision you want to retain.

Connecting to Networks with a Hidden SSID
After a system reboot, networks with a hidden SSID are not automatically reconnected. It will be necessary to manually reconnect to the network.

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