In Logger Pro v we introduced the ability for sensor readings to trigger three of the output lines on the DCU. If you are using a photogate to trigger the DCU with a LabPro, the first time the photogate is blocked, Logger Pro will crash.

1) The crash is not affected by which of the DIG ports the photogate and the DCU are connected to, nor by the order in which they were connected.
2) The crash occurs if the photogate is running in the motion timing mode, which is the default if you just plug it in.
3) The crash does not occur if the photogate is run in digital events mode.
4) The crash does not occur with any of the LabQuest interfaces.

This is a bug in the code that we are currently assessing. Workarounds include:
1) Use a LabQuest interface (any model)
2) Use the digital events mode on the LabPro
3) Use a light sensor as an “analog photogate” to trigger the DCU.