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What do I need to purchase to do AP Physics 1 or 2?

Below is a good list of Vernier equipment that supports AP Physics 1 and 2. Since no two physics instructors teach AP physics in exactly the same way, this list may not have everything needed, and may include sensors that are not needed in your curriculum. You will want to add or remove items depending on what sensors and equipment you currently have, as well as your preferences and teaching style. There is an interactive shopping cart builder on our web site based on each lab book at:

The Deluxe Physics Package is a good starting point:
LabQuest 2 Physics Deluxe Package, order code LQ2-PHY-DX, $1,072 contains:

For the AP Physics 1, you will need both Advanced Physics with Vernier — Mechanics, order code PHYS-AM, $48 and Advanced Physics with Vernier — Beyond Mechanics, order code PHYS-ABM, $48, as well as additional probeware. Order these sensors to add to the above list:

And, order this required lab equipment:

The following sensors and accessories would ideally be purchased per lab group, but also work quite well for large group demonstrations. Depending on your budget, you may wish to purchase one per lab group or just one per class:

For AP Physics 2, you will need Nuclear Radiation with Vernier, order code NRV and additional probeware to the Deluxe Package listed above. Order these sensors a la carte:

And, order this required lab equipment:

These lists are based on the full contents in the Advanced Physics - Mechanics and Advanced Physics - Beyond Mechanics lab books. If you will be performing a subset of experiments from the books, you may be able to strike some items from the list. See the table of contents pages (Mechanics and Beyond Mechanics) to see a list of equipment needed for each experiment. We also have a list of correlations between the AP Physics 1 and 2 curriculum and Vernier lab books.

This is very much an "everything including the kitchen sink" list. You can add all of these items for an 8-station physics lab to your cart with this shared list:

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