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National Instruments LabVIEW Troubleshooting and FAQs

Vernier sensors can be used as inputs to National Instruments' NI LabVIEW software. The essential components necessary to use our sensors with LabVIEW are:

1. Vernier interface or adapter, such as:
*SensorDAQ, order code SDAQ, $219. This Vernier interface was designed specifically with LabVIEW in mind. The SensorDAQ is an interface that works with up to 3 analog sensors and 1 digital sensor. In addition, it has a screw terminal that has an additional 2 analog inputs, 4 digital I/O lines, 1 analog output, and 1 counter.
*LabQuest 2, order code LABQ2, $329
*LabQuest Mini, order code LQ-MINI, $149
*LabQuest Stream, order code LQ-STREAM, $199
*Vernier myDAQ Adapter, order code BT-MDAQ, $59. Use this adapter if you are using an NI myDAQ.
*Analog Protoboard Adapter, order code BTA-ELV, $10. Use this adapter if you are connecting Vernier analog sensors (pH, Temperature, Anemometer, etc..) to a non-Vernier interface.
*Digital Protoboard Adapter, order code BTD-ELV, $12. Use this adapter if you are connecting Vernier digital sensors (Motion, Photogate, Rotary Motion, etc..) to a non-Vernier interface.

2. LabVIEW software
Vernier does not distribute NI LabVIEW software. Visit NI Academic.

3. Vernier drivers, menu items, and examples for LabVIEW
Find a list of all of our LabVIEW example code at LabVIEW Downloads.

We have two lab books that support the use of our sensors with NI LabVIEW:
*Hands-On Introduction to NI LabVIEW with Vernier. This book is a FREE download and features several projects to help get started with Vernier sensors in LabVIEW.
*Engineering Projects with NI LabVIEW and Vernier, order code EPV, $48

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Vernier Arduino Interface Shield, order code BT-ARD, $29
SparkFun RedBoard with cable, order code ARD-RED, $25
Digital Control Unit, order code DCU-BTD, $61

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