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Why don't I get consistent launch speeds with my projectile launcher?

If you are not getting consistent launch speeds for a specific launch angle and range setting, check the following:

- Be certain the projectile ball is pushed back and seated against the air port before launch.
     When the ball is not properly seated, some air may escape around the ball, reducing the launch velocity.

- Be sure you allow the chamber pressure to stabilize before launching the projectile.
     When pressurizing the chamber, listen for the small release sound that indicates the chamber is pressurized.
     We recommend you keep pumping until you hear at least three small release sounds.
     Once pressurized, wait at least five seconds before launching the projectile to ensure the pressure has fully stabilized.

- Be sure you are using the steel balls that came with the launcher and that the balls are not showing any signs of corrosion.
     Balls that are the wrong size or are misshapen due to corrosion may not seat properly in the chamber.
     For replacement balls, see Steel Balls (Set of 6), order code STB-VPL, $7.

Note: For different launch angles, a constant launch pressure DOES NOT correspond to a constant launch speed.

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