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It is very difficult or impossible to slide the hex locks onto the hex shafts

The hex locks are made to fit securely on the hex shafts to prevent the hex shaft from sliding out of position in the nacelle or the simpleGEN housing. As a result it may be difficult to slide the hex lock onto the shaft in the first place. We recommend placing the hex lock onto a flat, horizontal surface such as a table and pushing the shaft vertically into the hexagonal hole. Slide the hex lock back and forth along the shaft a few times, which will loosen it a bit and make it easier to slide it on the next time. After placing the hex shaft into the nacelle or simpleGEN housing, a hex lock loosened in this way will slide on more easily than an unused hex lock.

Hex locks and hex shafts are included in these products:
Drivetrain Set, order code KW-DS, $8
KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit, order code KW-AWX, $149
KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit (Classroom Pack), order code KW-AWXC, $384
Advanced Wind Experiment Kit Nacelle, order code KW-AWXN, $69
KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit, order code KW-BWX, $119
KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit (Classroom Pack), order code KW-BWXC, $299
KidWind simpleGEN, order code KW-SGEN, $54

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