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What is the difference between the KidWind SimpleGEN and the KidWind GENPack?

KidWind simpleGEN, order code KW-SGEN, $54 and GENPack, order code KW-GP, $49 are both kits to allow students to make a basic AC generator.

Short version:
The SimpleGEN is simpler and we recommend it for for Middle School, High School, and College.
We recommend the more advanced GENPack for High School and College.

Long version:
The GENPack is meant to be attached to the nacelle of the KidWind Advanced Wind Experiment Kit, order code KW-AWX, $149 or KidWind Basic Wind Experiment Kit, order code KW-BWX, $119. It contains a high-strength cylindrical neodymium magnet with poles on the sides (see photo) which is difficult to handle. Use it to make a home-made AC generator for a wind turbine.

It is difficult to delineate the pole locations on the GENPack magnet. Lines and coloring are shown as an example only.

We recommend the GENPack for High School and College. The magnet can be dangerous and the functionality of the completed GENPack is challenging to understand.

video on GenPack:

SimpleGEN is meant to be an experimental kit for learning about generating electricity. It uses up to 4 flat rectangular ceramic magnets with poles on the faces, so it is easy to determine locations of like and unlike poles. The housing is made to be either hand held or placed on a KidWind turbine tower, and it is easy to remove and replace the rotating magnet holder to change the number of magnets being used.

With multiple SimpleGEN units, students can vary the number of turns of wire, the number of magnets, and the speed the magnets turn. Add the KidWind Gear Set, order code KW-GEAR, $9 for additional experimentation with the speed the magnets turn, with or without turbine blades.

We recommend the SimpleGEN for Middle School, High School, and College. It is both sturdy and versatile, and allows for multiple lines of scientific inquiry.

video on SimpleGEN:

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