Scratch is a free, browser-based programming language that is designed for students ages 8 to 16, and it is supported by an active community of millions of users. Students can use Scratch to design music videos, animations, and video games, while learning the fundamentals of coding. Scratch encourages you to share your work and “remix” others’ projects to create something new.

Our Go! Extensions bring real-world data – collected from a Go!Temp, Go!Motion, or Go!Link and a compatible standard sensor – into your Scratch project. Have a sprite move in response to the position data from a Go!Motion or change costumes when the temperature measured by the Go!Temp increases. Our Extensions add a new way for students to interact with code.

For instructions on how to connect and use our Go!Motion, Go!Temp, and Go!Link devices with Scratch, visit

Scratch 3, the latest version of Scratch, is compatible with the Go Direct® Force and Acceleration Sensor (GDX-FOR). For more details, see

Go!Temp (GO-TEMP)
Go! Motion (GO-MOT)
Go!Link (GO-LINK)

* Our Go!Temp, Go!Motion, and Go!Link extensions are run through the Scratch environment hosted on in a compatible browser (internet connection required), running on a PC or Mac.
* Before you can load an extension in ScratchX, you will need to install the Scratch Extensions Browser Plugin. Note: There is a known bug that prevents the Browser Plugin from operating correctly in a Chrome browser on macOS.

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